rachel | arizona senior photographer

growing up, you make a lot of friends…
shy friends,
out-going friends,
president of student council friends,
the rebellious friends,
the pretty-pretty friends,
the sporty friends,
the over-achieving friends,
the sit-behind-the-bleachers-friends,
the friend that becomes a soul friends,
and then there’s the friend who can walk into a room and
almost-instantaneously become the heart-beat of a party,
by their laugh,
by the way they are excited to see everyone at the party,
by the uninhibited happy way they dance to the music like no one is there,
by the smiles that flow freely.

THIS girl reminds me of that live-of-the-party girl.
from the moment I met her…nothing but smiles and getting to talk with her about life through her intermittent laughing and just being “her” with her family + boyfriend…I knew this girl was a rockstar.

rachel…you. are. a. joy. to have gotten to meet and photograph for an afternoon!
I can’t wait to hear awesome things about ASU!:)

p.s. MONICA! you are amazing at making this girl shine even more than she does by herself!
I’m so glad I got to work with you for the afternoon! just beautiful work!:)



and just because they were too cute and I like young love…:)


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eli | arizona senior photographer

typing…erasing…typing some more…erasing some more.
I’m trying to figure out how much or how little to say about him…
I don’t want to “load him up”, he’d make fun of me and already warned me of being too squishy…
but onnnnnnnnnnnnnn the otherrrrrrrr hand,;)
I don’t want to miss an opportunity to tell you why he is important to me and why he is unique in my eyes.
I totally believe that life is too short not to say kind things when the opportunity presents itself…

screw it…buckle up, I’m loading him up.:)

this is eli.
the last of a family of six that I value tremendously.
God has used him, his three brother’s,
and his mom and dad in different ways over the past twenty six years in my life.
yup, knowing this family for twenty-six years officially labels me as “old”…whatever.
I could talk about each of this family and why I value each of them…
but eli is the only one who got in front of my lens voluntarily…
so eli is who I’m going to tell you about.;)

eli is very much in my heart like the guy I last shot at this location and talked about here.
when he told me that THIS is kinda where he’d like to go for his session,
my heart squeezed a little bit…I hadn’t been back there since his session.
but I smiled, because it was right.

I admire eli.
I admire his determination.
I admire his ability to teach himself new things.
I admire his creativity and for the way he see’s life.
I admire his musical ability and love that I get to watch him worship whole-heartedly and unashamed.
I admire his love for Jesus and how he strives to chase after Him in a world that says it isn’t worth it.
I admire his work ethic and that he knows and runs head first into hard work.
I admire his respect for his parents and how he allows them to be the loudest voice.
I admire and love his smackiness and wit…and his ability to make me laugh until I cry.
and the very biggest thing I admire about him…
is eerily similar to the admiration for the last guy I shot at this location:
that in a world of boys simply content on remaining boys…
he cares more about what it means to be a man after God’ heart.

this is who eli is to me.
and THIS is how I got-to see him in front of my lens.
thank you for the afternoon, eli.
and for tolerating me loading you up.;)


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Debbie Tennent Bower

I LOVE hearing you talk about all the Maughan “boys” – they are ao unique! I see them in the “Worship God with ALL you have” light and it is an HONOR to know them all but yea… I remember “little” Eli running around the trailer and playing on my computer… OH THE MEMORIES!!! and if this makes you old – what the HECK does it make me??? Well done, as always, my friend!!

lexi | arizona senior photographer

do you ever “side-linewatch?
it’s kinda like people watching
except that the person you are on the sidelines watching is someone you’re a fan of…
even if you don’t know-know them.
okay, that sounds creepy…and I’m making myself laugh, now.;)
I don’t know how else to describe it though…
I’ve known of this girl most of her life…but didn’t get the opportunity to know-know her until a few weeks ago.
needless to say, I’m a fan.
her mix of tom-boy/fashion/harry-potter-wanna-be/geek chic/artsy is off the charts cool.
in getting to spend the afternoon with her, I got to hear her version of how she views life…
what makes her tick,
what lights her up,
and the afternoon just already solidified what my “side-line-watching” conclusion was…
THIS girl is a rare/unique/funny/gifted/intelligent/witty/athletic/kind girl…
and someone I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know better.
thank you for the afternoon, lexi!:)


and just because I love pursuing surrealism and because she’s super into Harry Potter…
on a scale of 1-10 HOW into Harry Potter is she, you ask?
well…nine and three quarters.;)(YES, I’ve been waiting weeks to type that!);)

harrypotter alexis


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Mary Ann Little

Love love love!! You have done it again Jen!! Thank you for capturing our girl!!!

kristy’s girls | best friend session| arizona senior photographer

this session with THESE girls makes me smile every time I think about it.
I had been hearing about how awesome these girls are for the past couple years from my friend.
oh yeah, THIS is my friend:


yeah, she’s smokin’ hot.;)(she’s gonna love me for blogging that!);)
aside from that…she is a terribly good friend of mine…
and to hear her talk about her girls, made me excited to spend an afternoon with them
capturing their beauty, friendship and dance moves. (oh yes, they are THAT legendary group.);)

rather than me talking about my perspective,
I asked kristy if she would guest blog today and tell you all who they are from her perspective…
she’s walked with them longer, cried/laughed/lived with them and I figured she could describe them best!:)

“I’ve been serving in student ministries for about 9 years now… N.I.N.E. years!
Looking back at that time I realize how many girls have come and gone in my group and
stolen little bits of my heart.
As a discipleship leader you get to love these students and pour into them for a few years,
and when it’s time for them to move on you’re thankful to have been a part of their journey,
and can’t wait to see what God has planned for them next.

This group of girls will definitely be taking a huge chunk of my heart when it’s time for them to move on.
I’ve known some of them right out of 6th grade when they joined my discipleship group
and I’ve had the absolute privilege of building relationships with them ever since.

When Jen asked me to write about these girls, my mind flooded with thoughts and memories I have with each of them…
Junior high sleepovers and finding them hiding in the closet talking about boys,
epic camp dance parties (that may or may not have interrupted the ENTIRE camp :/ ),
volleyball games with a definite lack of skill, late night phone calls, coffee dates…
but at the same time, as I try to write about what they mean to me,
I don’t even know how to sum them up in simple words.

I can truly say I have been BLESSED by having each of these girls in my life.
I look at each individual personality, individual beauty, individual passion for life,
and it puts a huge smile on my face.

From time to time I find myself distracted when looking at each of them and suddenly realizing what
amazing WOMEN they have become…
they are no longer little teeny junior high students!
They are beautiful, loving, caring, passionate women!
I absolutely dread the day they graduate and move out of student ministries,
I might be a little dramatic in saying this,
but there is the definite possibility that my heart will stop when they move on.

Lucky for me… I get to spend another entire year with them and will cherish each moment we have to
add to our already overflowing memories.
These girls could commit the worst crime imaginable and I would be by their side
trying to figure out how to fix everything…
I love them to absolute pieces and am SO thankful for the relationships I’ve gained
through each and every one of them.”


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