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ethan + kaytie | phoenix arizona engagement

a while back angelic magazine asked if I’d like to be featured as a photographer in their magazine,
I was absolutely flattered…this is a magazine that I have read and followed for a while.
their three focal drives as a magazine are: Jesus, Music, Fashion…all three of which I have a major passion for.
the only requirements were that I needed to write an article on my testimony and my story as a photographer AND dream up and create a new session that I feel best represents my work that hadn’t been previously viewed/published.
you can read what I wrote here:
I call this session the “desert romance” session.
but why did I choose this session and why this couple?
as I thought about what I wanted to dream up and create that I felt conveyed who I was artistically as a photographer,
I kept coming back to what drives me and inspires me creatively…the act of storytelling through my lens.
I’ve had this sort-of movie story rolling around in my head for a while…yes, I have a lot of those…you can’t even imagine. 😉
a story of a couple in love (who happen to drive a vintage international scout) 😉
where the man wants to take his love on a romantic desert date…just the two of them…
they drive into the desert, have a cozy picnic and then change into fancier clothes…
just the two of them and just because they love each other. 🙂

a few couples came to mind as I thought about who I wanted to cast as this “desert romance” couple…
but as I pondered who I should cast, I got the news that this particular couple was moving to Texas to start a new life,
not only are these people unbelievably gorgeous and fashionable people that I admire and love tremendously,
but in their “story” they have lived and weathered more than most,
and their one year of marriage was close to being celebrated as they packed up and were almost ready to leave for Texas in the new year.
the timing was perfect and the more I thought about it,
I honestly could not have picked a more perfect couple to live out this daydream of mine…
it IS part of their story and this was the perfect photographic goodbye to arizona for them as a couple.

the way he loves her is seriously sweet to watch…he is tough, he is strong and he is sarcastic…
but oh, does he love her and is sweet on her…I love to watch him love her…I really do. 🙂
and she is someone who I pray for often and is someone I definitely admire.
she too is strong, stronger than most and she loves wholeheartedly which only makes her outward beauty that much more beautiful…she shines in the way she loves her family and especially in the way she loves him…she seeks to love in a way that He says is right for her to love and I admire her pursuit of that.

as I’m writing I’m laughing…today has been a most funny and good day.
today is the birthday of his little brother and randomly today I got to help lead worship.
he was on my mind a lot throughout the day.
leading worship was the last tangible memory I had of him the day before he went to be with Jesus.
aj encouraged me a lot with this gift of photography…he was the one who the day after ethan + kaytie got engaged, he called me to make sure that I would photograph their engagement session…he was adamant that he personally would pay for whatever it took to get me to take them.
I had laughed and said I’m pretty sure kaytie gets to decide who photographs her…but he was pretty persistent and excited and that enthusiastic memory makes me smile still.
as I said it was a most funny and good day today and it was.
this morning tyler was talking about gifts.
that whatever you have, God has given that to you.
whether you are a street sweeper, mom, manager, football player or even photographer,
it is given to you as a gift from Him.
our job is to acknowledge it as a gift and to give thanks to Him for the gift.
and then get to work giving back to God that gift by serving others and simply making others happy with that gift.
tyler quoted this incredible jazz musician this morning in regards to the gift of music God had given him:
“I would like to bring to people something like happiness through this gift of music…”
it was perfect and exactly what I strive to be about in being behind the lens…
simply to tell someone’s story and to make that person happy.
or in tylers words:
“…to serve with every means that God has given me…to the best of my ability to the glory of God for the benefit of others…”

that is what this session is to me.
telling God thank you for the gift He has given me by telling a piece of
ethan and kaytie’s most beautiful one year story as they closed the chapter to arizona.
thank you for letting me tell a piece of your story, ethan + kaytie…and yes, ethan you are pretty. 😉
thank you, cate, for coming just to come and hold clothes and be with me for an afternoon.
thank you, matt, for towing a non-running international scout an hour into the desert just because I wanted to tell a story.
thank you, gloria, for arranging beautiful flowers for ethan to give kaytie that matched the hues of the desert perfectly.
thank you, metzli brown, for making kaytie look even extra beautiful for the afternoon.
and thank you, angelic magazine, for wanting to tell a piece of my story…thank you. 🙂


  • Elizabeth Stamm Weitz

    Ahhhhhhhh this is amazing! One of my absolute fav shoots of yours!ReplyCancel

  • Tom-Suzanne Blevins

    Absolutely breathtaking! Jen, you have been gifted indeed. And stunning is this sweet couple! Ethan & Kaytie, you are good together! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Alta Carol Wilson Smith

    This is the most amazing story of my great nephew and his wife, most beautiful pics. and a beautiful couple, and so glad to see AJ name in it just breath yasReplyCancel

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