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what is your photographic style?
I tend to gravitate towards a style that is fresh and modern, colorful and unique…that leans towards non-traditional.
a great “clean” image that is uniquely styled and personalized really lights me up!

when should I schedule my session?
in order to provide the best possible quality experience for each client, I limit the number of sessions I make available on a monthly basis. I recommend booking your session as early as possible to ensure availability and I do my best to coordinate a time that works for both of us!

how long do sessions typically last?
depending on which session you purchase, sessions generally last between 1-2 hours.  that includes any outfit changes.

what locations are available for sessions?
I love to utilize natural light as much as possible.  this allows me to be able to provide unique and custom images for every client.  whether it be in your home, a country setting or an urban one, I will always be sure that the surroundings enhance the beauty of the images.  choice of location will be discussed in the phone/in-person initial consultation to ensure that your location will suit your desires for your finished portraits. also, because I am a location photographer, I strive to look for the most unique unihabited locations. I feel that since you are coming to me, you are wanting something a little more unique – even down to the location. in order to somewhat protect what you’re purchasing as far as location, I don’t overly share my locations with non-clients.

what time of day do you prefer to shoot?

I love to photograph my outdoor sessions 1-2 hours before sunset.  I usually schedule newborns and babies around their nap/feeding schedule.

why do you only show us the edited images when you takes so many pictures at our session?
I choose the very best images from your session to process and share with you.  only images that meet my exacting quality standards make the final cut.  your time as well as mine is valuable so I don’t have a viewing option and simply offer you your images as digital downloads versus an additional meeting where you purchase prints.  rest assured that I will show you the very best from your session!   proof books of the entire session are available for purchase.

will I see color and black and white versions of all of my photos?
no, not necessarily.  I use my artistic judgement about which photos look best in color and/or black and white.  additional edits are available for a fee should you choose to want the color altered.  I do not do selective coloring on any photographs.

can I scan and/or make copies of my portraits myself?
only the images which you purchase and that are included with your print release are yours to make copies of.  printing, copying, downloading or scanning images without written consent is strictly prohibited as the images are protected by federal copyright laws.

what form of payment do you accept?
cash or check are preferred, but I also accept credit cards in person at your session.

when is payment due?
non-refundable deposits are due at the time you secure your session date.
payment is required in full by the time of the beginning of your portrait session.
wedding packages require a deposit and are required to be paid in full thirty days before your actual wedding date.

how long will it take to receive my images?
sessions typically take two to four weeks until you can expect to receive your digital negative package.  I do my best to finish each session in the order they are photographed.
rush editing is available and can be discussed at your initial meeting if you are in need of this.
weddings typically take four to six weeks until you can expect to receive your digital negative package.

what to wear?

your photographs are going to be uniquely YOU…your clothes should be unique to YOU!
I have yet to see a family wear white shirts and jeans by choice in everyday life…just saying. 🙂
but what should you wear to your session?
here are some helps!

avoid “loud” patterns and logos that distract from the person in the photo.
DO plaids, stripes and small patterns done with minimalism…try not to compete with the face for attention.
avoid characters, words, etc…they usually date themselves within the year.
layer several outfits for color and texture…
during the winter, cable knits and wool photograph especially well and flowy summer dresses and colorful polo shirts/v-necks, button downs and even large patterns work well. coordinate the same outfit style for each child to be photographed together…but not identical…let each person’s personality shine! 🙂

I’ll say it again, please don’t wear matching white shirts. or matching black shirts. or matching red shirts…
that is unless you and your family are in the regular habit of wearing identical size appropiate clothes on a regular basis. 🙂
this is simply my personal preference.
I get that we grew up with 99% of other photographers recommending white tops and khaki pants or jeans.
but your personalities end up getting lost in trying to create unique, one of a kind, real life/real YOU portraits.
my style has never been the cookie cutter approach and am guessing that you chose kreatid for that very reason.
remember, you’re unique – dress that way at your session! 🙂

mix and match
come up with unusual combinations that compliment and contrast.
try other fabrics other than cotton or polyester…tweeds, silks, taffetta, wool knits, linen etc.

it’s no secret if you’ve had a session with me, that I LOVE shoes & earrings…they might even be a “love language” of mine. 😉
beautiful jewelery and coordinated bags, lovely pillows to lounge on, scarfs, hats (fully recommended) favorite toys, blankets, etc. and those little details create a memorable photograph completely unique to you!

this is going to fun, I promise! 🙂
being relaxed, laid back, having fun (or even pretending to, if things aren’t going as you hoped) will show more in the portraits than the finest of clothing. laugh, joke, jump around, be silly, be artistic and have FUN!