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so you’d like to read my journal? 🙂
well then, welcome.
I have just a few disclaimers if you choose to continue…

this is my place.

my place to write and express my thoughts.
these thoughts I call a journal are accumulated through my experiences, by the people I surround myself with, by what I read and view as truth.

I use exorbitant amounts of smiley emoji’s.

I like ellipsis’ and more than likely use run-on sentences entirely too much.
you can agree with my journal, be encouraged by my journal, be challenged by it or even ignore it all together.

I ask nothing by you reading my journal except that if you do choose to read it,
I’d love for you to express your thoughts in the comments…your thoughts to encourage, to share…to converse.
I don’t pretend to be an expert on anything…let alone my journal thoughts…
so, consider this your personal invitation to join in my journaling thought process…

happy reading! 🙂


39 things it took me 39 years to learn

39 things its taken me 39 years to learn. today is my 39th birthday. I have extra lines on my face these


trying not to forget them at this age when I know my mind will someday… and trying to push myself to shoot for me

because I love it.

I should start this post by prefacing that this is a totally personal post into me, me as me, me as a business woman,

a life united

I got to go away up north this weekend with about three hundred students + staff from my church. and my conclusion to

27 vases

I’ve been sorting some thoughts out in my head lately… I spent a bit of time at the valley of the sun

real actual people.

my thoughts are jumbled this week. stating that usually begins a sorting process that usually ends up with a straighter

thirty eight.

again, this post is for me…if you’ve found my way to my journal and are looking for portrait

lynne | editorial photography session

“you have a ‘good eye’.” what even is that? a good eye. I have two eyeballs, most of you have

Asher + Beck

this past sunday my friend did the communion prep before communion. communion prep time (that’s not it’s

art challenge – day three

my friends are starting to call me obsessive/nerdy/WHATever 😉 about my fascination with birds and animals. I

art challenge – day two

DAY 2: art challenge. I’ve been nominated by Helen Cantrell for a five day art challenge. the art pieces I’ve chosen

art challenge – day one

DAY 1: art challenge. I love me a good art challenge. 🙂 I’ve been nominated by Helen Cantrell for a five day art

recalibrating the course…

january first, two thousand and fifteen… it’s time to “recalibrate my course”. not because

his hands

he stood there with his well-loved grease stained shirt from being under the hood of a car, callouses and bruises and


I turned thirty-seven this past weekend. thirty-freaking-seven. 🙂 I genuinely never thought or dreamt I’d reach


I’ve been accused of never letting people see the everyday and the “in-between” moments…so here

robin williams

***pc: mark mann*** why write about him? I could write about the unfathomable horrors that have wrenched my heart the


“Be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be

colorado adventure

I took a purposeful hiatus from blogging this past month. I wanted to enjoy just being. seeing what there was to see,

the BEST mascara

I wasn’t joking. I wrote about this mascara here. as a girl, it is life changing mascara. 😉 I know third world

the next best thing since sliced bread. ;)

exactly fifty women have purposefully gotten in front of my camera since the beginning of 2014. I should pause for a

stealing is bad. :)

watermark’s. no I’m not talking about Enya’s cd 😉 (yes, I realize that there were about none of you

strawberry lemonade cookies + a special gift

today I am OVERWHELMED with feeling loved. you see, I have this friend who I have admired for a couple years

cheddar bay biscuits

bread. not going to lie, I miss it. big, squishy, fluffy, absolutely-no-good-for-you white bread. 😉 that’s why I

ice cream sandwiches

I know some of you have joined me on this THM journey of mine… (if you still haven’t heard of

lemon-blueberry muffin-top’s

I woke up today just wanting to eat normal food. don’t get me wrong…I LOVE the way I feel in week two of

double chocolate “oreo’s”

I’m back in the kitchen after a loooooong hiatus and baking like I’ve never baked before. low. carb. yup, I

recalibrating the course.

if it is at all possible, I think I am an extroverted introvert. 🙂 quiet is desperately good for my soul and something

merry christmas and happy new year

merry christmas  to you all and thank you for supporting and loving what I do…see you all in the happy new

well done.

my friend and brother in Christ, AJ Gaus, went to be with Jesus in heaven on Monday, December 9th, 2013. “let my

God is my Audience.

I couldn’t sleep last night. the people-pleaser in me was restless. thankfully my husband chose to be patient

happy thanksgiving!

I needed the past couple of days to be with family and just simply ENJOY thanksgiving! I hope yours was filled with


took a short breather with my sister’s family last week in beautiful colorado… sometimes, you JUST need

happily ever after planning…

this wedding wednesday I thought I share a few thoughts of what I’ve learned as a wedding photographer these past

in a moment.

it’s september eleventh, two thousand thirteen. twelve years later. this is my memory of the day. “twelve

winner | winner :)

wow. just WOW! four hundred and thirteen of you thought I should give my “happy birthday to me” session to

happy birthday month to me

overhaul | phase one = COMPLETE. 🙂 I woke up today dreaming big and happy with where God has me at. if you read in my

oh, the places you will see… :)

one of my favorite pin boards I have is my “oh, the places you will see.” board. it’s a pin board of

simply, BE.

my designer/photographer friend who is abroad right now, posed this question last week: “went to a pretty cool


exactly fifteen years ago, we said these words. “I do swear that I’ll always be there. I’d give

all things new

the time has arrived. 🙂 sunshine, thirty-one girls, crazy-fun times, and HIS voice being the loudest. prayers are

the Road

“the Road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow,

the one you feed.

I was reminded of a story when reading through Galatians 5 this morning… “…a grandfather was teaching


last night I was sitting on my porch watching the wind nearly knock down my roses. I like to close my eyes and listen

fishbowls and character

have you ever looked at a fish in a fishbowl? like really looked? the way a five year old does when he gets his first

iron sharpening iron

I’ve been chewing on a thought inside for a couple weeks now…the thought that the people you surround


taking six days to spend some moments with my family on or near a beach! I’ll catch up with you all next

breathing deep.

what is important? *breathe in. breathe out.* what is important? in traveling by airplane you get to observe a great

be you

inspiration is everywhere. but what do you do when you’re faced with inspiration’s evil twin sister:

the hard

“it’s going to be hard…and we’re going to have to work at this. everyday. but I wanna do that


me. (yes, I’m on the list…I think it’s fair to say with this many crazy personalities inside of me

He is better.

the only sound, in my opinion, that rivals the rolling ocean waves is rushing wind through a forest of pine

the pine tree’s are whispering

I’m heading up north for the weekend to be with my girls… to be quiet… to hear the pine tree’s


woke up praying for my niece this morning. would you join me in prayer for her? she’s in the hospital waiting to

since crawling under a rock & hiding isn’t an option…

humble pie. that is the title of today. you could throw in tired pie, contrite pie, overwhelmed pie, & crazy

happily spent.

Ever have weeks were you’re fairly certain that the week could simply not have held anymore than it did? 🙂 That

inspiration in the details

what inspires me creatively? a lot of things. a great deal of too many things some days…and then

my crayon box

you remember my post about creativity and my crayon box? well, this post is for the additional colors I’ve

what I learned on winter vacation

so here it is…deep thoughts or “things I learned on winter vacation” 🙂 1. I cannot do it all. I want

the whatever symphony

there are some weeks where I swear He is audibly talking to me. it started with this song that captured my

embrace the wheel

tidbit (there’s that awesome word again) from tonight’s profound conversation with my man: “do you

each of us is an original.

I always try and post an encouraging image on my facebook wall on Sundays. why? because I like encouraging

water to my soul

I can’t seem to get enough reading as of late. and now I realize why…I’m searching. I hadn’t

t-shirt and jeans

I’m sick. Yup, I just admitted it…sick. But getting better today. 🙂 Being in bed for hours on end allows


beautiful, creative simplicity. this advertisement is beautiful and to the point…creatively and sweetly

one hundred days.

thirty seven sessions in under one hundred days. I’ll leave you with the math on how many images that is to cull.

slow down

talking out loud. that’s the point of a blog, no? to “talk out loud”. I haven’t talked out

just because.

“happy girls are the prettiest


“not all those who wander are lost.” we’re fairly arrogant in arizona about our sunrises and

wonder woman. :)

do you remember being an elementary kid in art class growing up?do you remember your art teacher more specifically? my

nothing is impossible. :)

“…when work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion

no one like you :)

Happy Sunday! 🙂

beets. :)

I took a break today.  and I didn’t feel guilty…well, okay maybe a smidge…when do I not? 🙂but today. 


when I think of cars…I tend to think about boys and grit and toughness. 🙂this picture made me change my


three words for you…chicago. hot. dog.yes, I know I’m a dork…but this is my SO non-important attempt

feeling small. :)

for full effect of this post, you need to open this song in a new tab while reading this. 🙂(right click on the

candy apple red :)

it’s not a secret that I like antique stores… didn’t know that?!well, then yes…I most

legends never die.

it’s been an amazing week full of…vacation|rest|family|mini-golf|despicable me|water balloon

rest. :)

these last three day’s have been AH-mazing! golfing. meijers.amazing photoshoot.heidi’s house

in the name of art. :)

there are things, as a photographer, that I just want to do…I want to recreate edward hopper’s

strawberry awesomeness :)

happy july to you! a friend of mine on twitter ( @dognbird ) posted a picture of these earlier today and I simply had

hitting the pause button…

JEN.  seriously.  WHAT are you doing?! 🙂 I am simply hitting the pause button on “life” to work on

i ♥ desserts!

this weeks challenge is your favorite dessert!  who doesn’t love that?!  plus, the guest judge this week is

tuesday shoesday – part 2 :)

Thank goodness for twitter!  All the “tuesdayshoesday” tweets come out and reminds me that it’s time

so proud! :)

You may remember her from this post…but she is no longer just the pretty face in front of the lens!(how I am

i ♥ faces – “black & white drama”

drama. drama. drama! not being a super big fan of “drama” in my life made this challenge…well, it was

easter eggs + pumpkin whoopie pies

I love spring.  no, I LOVE spring.  flowers come in bloom.  the orange puff ball trees that smell intoxicating bloom. 

I ♥ faces – hilarious out-takes

this one was yet again…a challenge.  mostly in part of the fact that as a photographer you try and HIDE the

i ♥ faces – “hands on” fun!

I guess they don’t call these “challenges” for nothing?  I chose this photo because it reminds me of

I am SO happy!

okay, I’m trying not to post on the weekend, but THIS is too awesome for me to hold it in until Monday! I got

delicious resolutions :)

this week I mean I cooked! this is quite a big deal for me.  anyone who knows me knows I love to bake, but

I wanna dance – i ♥ faces challenge

I snuck into this moment while photographing my brother’s wedding in november.  you can see in her eyes that she

we ♥ kisses – another i ♥ faces challenge :)

I love kissing.  who doesn’t?!call it what you like…smooching,necking,smacking,nuzzling,sweet

extra brute. oh yes, EXTRA brute.

this post is simply for deep sassy client (unless you count my cocoa which by the wayside is EXTRA


new logo…yes? no?  will post more options soon… 🙂I would love to hear what you have to say!

new hampshah :)

that’s how they talk here…new hampshah.  bahstahn.  wicked.and it makes me smile everytime I hear the