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judith | arizona senior photographer

every now and again, I come across a client that overwhelmingly surprises me with who they are.
I don’t have favorites, per se,
but when I get-to meet a person and they unashamedly shows me pieces of who they are,
of what makes them tick,
and that they aren’t afraid to be themselves with me…
well, I can’t help but love it and them!

getting to hang with THIS girl and her best friend for the afternoon absolutely brought more
than one smile to my face,
more than one laugh (she does improv…how cool is that?!),
and brought back more than one memory of what it felt like to really LIVE in high school.

there was a song that kept running through my head throughout her session and it seemed to fit:
“…this is life in motion and just when I couldn’t run this race anymore,
the sun bursts, clouds break…THIS is life in color.”

she shines and her beauty deepens because of it,
she isn’t afraid to laugh from her toes,
she is full of wit and humor,
she is clever and oh, so smart,
she is brave…yup, we ran into the infamous rattlesnake at her session and she kept her cool, 🙂
she loves Jesus and it permeates in what she puts her hands to,
she is eclectic in her music taste making her well-rounded,
she is a good friend and daughter
and she is someone that I’ve gotten to see in a whole new light and I like that I gotten to know her…
she is admirable to me because she is LIVING life in color.

thank you for the afternoon, judith…I CAN.NOT wait to hear how amazing washington is! 🙂


  • Mireille Helm

    Love, love, love. You captured Judith to a tee! Very cool chick. Look out world!ReplyCancel

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