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mandy | arizona senior photographer

I always like to imagine what/where my high school senior clients will be five years from now…
during each of their sessions, I love to chat with each of them about what they’re into now,
what they’re hoping to accomplish in the next few years,
what lights them up in general…
and THIS girl?
I got a feelin’ about this girl… 🙂
she works at a killer store that she is already learning the behind-the-scenes on how a fashion boutique runs,
she has an incredible sense of style and what is mainstream yet slightly ahead of mainstream…
and can we EVEN talk about her prom dress for this year…she went off the beaten path and found a dress designer off of etsy!
quite possibly the coolest embroidered/patchwork/lace dress I’ve seen to date!
she will go far in the fashion industry…I know it. 🙂
and where I think/hope she’ll be in five years?
styling for me, of course…I’d hire her in a NANO-second! 🙂

mandy, it was an ABSOLUTE pleasure getting to meet and hang with you for the afternoon!
you AND you mom and bestie!
and erica, how cool it is to see a mom and daughter be so close…
even to the point of graduating college/high school at the same time…SO cool! 🙂


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