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marissa | arizona senior photographer

thiiiiiiiis girl.
I LOVED this girls session for a few reasons.
for one, her session marked the end of the 2014/2015 graduating senior season for me.
I literally can’t believe it’s over.
forty-four of you chose me with kreatid photography to document your closing of the chapter of high school.
thank you!

but I loved her session in particular for two other reasons…
the second reason is because of this quote by johnny depp:
“…I think everyone’s weird. we should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed by it.”
here’s the deal: I know I’m weird…somewhere deep down (okay, not so deep) resides my fascination with all things
Tim Burton, quirky, dark, artful, fanciful…whatever.
it’s why I like challenging myself with styled concepts…my favorite from the belle session I did are these two:


not your typical disney princess or beast…but I like it.
and these are my favorites from the oz session:

6 kreatidOZBWPIN45 kreatidOZPIN

again, a little weird and on the dark side, I know…but I like it and would like to push myself further in this direction.
*enter marissa*
marissa, you already said it but I guess this broadcasting it on a blog? (don’t worry, only like 5 people read this I’m pretty sure) 😉
you’re weird. 🙂
you’re weird and I like your weirdness.
dream catchers, skeleton dresses, black lipstick, ankle socks with vans, peace sign tattoos, hula girls on your dash, being a vegetarian at an all burger restaurant, your eclectic music (thank you for the new jams!) and your obsession with VWvans all make you a little weird and a LOT awesome in my book. 🙂
the last reason I loved this session so much is that arizona’s weather can be bi-polar sometimes…and I love it. 🙂
her session was the last session I had officially scheduled this season and had 45 mile per hour winds and thunderstorms rolling in and out of her session.
yup, it full on rained on us a bit and her reaction was “cool, I like moodier shots anyways so this works for me!”
match made in heaven for me.
my obsession with wind shots could be taken the entire time,
I had indian chalk that I had been waiting for the right girl to use…her wanting to be a hair colorist or tattoo artist when she grows up made her the perfect candidate for the chalk…p.s. did you know real indian chalk smells like 1950’s perfume? true story. 🙂
and you know what?
for ten years I never stepped foot in the desert because this midwest girl couldn’t see the beauty in it.
anyone who says that needs to take a day trip with me to the desert right after in rains and the sunsets.
the. most. amazing. smells, colors, sounds you will experience this side of heaven.

so yes, marissa…I loved getting to not only spend the afternoon catching up on life with you,
but photographing your beauty in all the random places we went goes down as one of my favorite sessions to date.
love you and thank you! 🙂


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