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I loved this day. as in loved. vivid color, urban art, historical hotels in the heart of denver, hundred year old steel bridges with greenery lazily growing all over it, b.e.t.s.e.y.j.o.h.n.s.o.n. shoes! 😉 and in the heart of this day was this most beautiful couple. a modern art-loving couple who gave elizabeth and I the […]

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for as long as I can remember, the perfect idea for a vacation has always included dreaming of crystal blue waters of the ocean, laying out in the sun with a fancy pineapple drink in my hand (okay, so maybe just a diet coke on ice served in a pineapple?!). an island  – hawaii or […]

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  • Aimee Kissling Moea'i

    Love the photos! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Faze N Viva Tootoo

    Memorable day for our Dion n Gabz…Awesome job!!!ReplyCancel

I love that there is no wrong way to do a perfect wedding. for some a large ballroom filled with five hundred of your family and friends is the idea of a perfect wedding… for others just family and close friends on the side of mountain surrounded by nature in cowboy boots is the perfect wedding. […]

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let me paint this wedding scene a little for you 🙂 deep in the heart of evergreen colorado is a small-ish lake… there is mist all around, but it’s not cold… low-hanging clouds lazily move through the mountains that are only slightly off in the distance… the air smells sweet, you can hear lake birds […]

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  • Elizabeth Stamm Weitz

    Wow! Make me cry why don’t you. This post could not have been written at a more perfect time. Soooo encouraging. You are simply amazing to work with. Thank you for loving on me and your work is beautiful! Can’t wait to see you in August ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

  • Sam Zimmermann

    every single part of this is amazing, jen! seriously- what a great way they get to remember this special day!! you captured some amazing moments for them <3 and I agree, you have an awesome sister!ReplyCancel