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rick + jessa | vail colorado wedding

rick + jessa’s day started off with light rain showers.
I know a lot of bride’s get frustrated at the rain…all the time/effort/energy that they put into their days does not look as good when wet…but superstition says that rain signifies good luck!
some believe that it means that the couple will be blessed with many children because of the rain and that the rain signifies that their marriage will last!
superstitious belief’s or not, the rain shower didn’t last and only made the mountains and tree’s that much more magical and breathtaking as elizabeth and I photographed rick + jessa’s beautiful wedding!

there are two moments besides the beautiful rain that stuck out to me that I’ll tell you about their day…
the first wasn’t really a moment, it was the loving people that surrounded these two.
every time I had jessa’s mother in my frame, she literally beamed.
I really don’t think I have one picture where she wasn’t smiling with happiness at her daughter getting married.
add in their families that traveled from Michigan, California and many other places for this unreal destination wedding,
and the love and joy for these two tying the knot was palpable!

the second moment is really a funny one for me!
rick + jessa’s wedding was a destination wedding…meaning most everyone traveled to be here for the day.
the caterer, the dj, elizabeth and I as the photographer’s, the guest AND the musician’s.
unfortunately the pianist ran into massive unforeseen complications in arriving on time for the ceremony,
and the ceremony was in a chapel that was primarily unplugged…meaning you couldn’t just plug an ipod in a call it a day.
jessa’s mom + aunt scrambled around and asked if anyone knew how to play the piano…unfortunately, no one did.
elizabeth and I looked at each other and smiled.
we both knew and laughed…I volunteered that I would play the piano.
my past life of being primarily a pianist/wedding pianist came in clutch and jessa got to walk down the aisle to music.
it was a most funny and sweet moment for me.

yes, this day was a most happy day to have gotten to be a part of…from the beautiful people who love rick + jessa,
to the amazing vendors elizabeth + I got to work with,
to the obvious breathtaking views that vail showed off with…it was a most beautiful day!
congratulations again, rick + jessa!


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